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How To Play SA:MP DayZ Survival Remastered


What is 
GTA SA: DayZ Survival Remastered?

Your Own Survival Story

Do I Start?

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GTA SA: DayZ Survival Remastered (SA-MP) is an apocalypse zombie survival server based on the original DayZ survival video game. We are a vastly growing community in the San Andreas Multiplayer extension. We've had a huge and active community since 2016 and still going! GTA SA: DayZ Survival Remastered has thousands of registered forum accounts, over 1,400+ Discord users and dozens of active players joining our SA-MP server daily. We have been classified as the #1 English DayZ Survival Zombie Server on SA:MP! We support people from all over the world, and have even translated our entire server into a total of three languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese, and hoping to add more. Our active community members will always have you coming back. Our server is a unique experience and one of a kind, with all kinds of things to do in-game, we are sure to suit your gaming needs!


San Andreas like you have never seen before. The entire world of SA has been completely re-mapped and re-textured into the masterpiece of the wasteland it is today.

Explore the ruins of San Andreas, alone or in a group with others. Find loot in every corner, break into military crates, cars, and even Police Departments and Hospitals. Find the supplies you need to survive as long as you can. Weapons, food, medical supplies, ammo, and vehicles are all essential tools needed.

Become a Hero and fight off Bandits and Zombies, or join the dark side and become a Bandit yourself.
Farm your own food, craft your own weapons and ammo, fish for your own meals, build your own base, mine your own supplies or nuke entire cities. The possibilities on
GTA SA: DayZ Survival Remastered are endless.


Excited to play? In order for you to join our server to play, you will need to get a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC. (Having trouble getting a copy? Join our Discord and contact someone on there to help you out)

Once you have the official game, you will need to download SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) which is a massive online multiplayer extension for the game. This allows you to join different online servers to play with others around the world.

Once you have GTA:SA and SA:MP installed you can join our DayZ server using the following IP address:


Choose a name and connect to our server, you will need to create an account as soon as you connect. It's very easy and simple to do! 
Use /help for some important information to learn some basic keys on how to play. 
Use /cmds to view all available commands to help you learn more about the server.

Use /ask to ask an online Staff Member for any help or questions you might need.
Also join our forum and Discord to more easily get more helpful information and to meet other wasteland scavengers like you.


Good luck in the wasteland, Survivor. It's the end of the world, now make it your own.


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